Underwater drone/ROV services

From 2023 Orkney Sky Cam will be offering underwater drone/ROV services.

From pier, jetty and mooring to ships hull and prop inspections, this ROV can do the lot!!!!

With a max depth of 150m (450′) this accommodates all of water around Orkney.

The chosen mini ROV is the Fifish V6 pro plus. A state of the art ROV that can record video in 4K ultra HD and also take still photos. It has many features to make operation safe and reliable. With 6000 lumens light, this ROV can operate in the darkest of conditions.

Set up time is a matter of minutes and its in the water.

We also have the ability to launch from our coded work boat “Scapa Protector” which means location is not a problem.

Boat Hull Inspection

Boat hull inspection

Mooring inspection

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